A Compact platform Vast in quality


36 x 12 - 2 bed

36 x 12 - 3 bed

External Dimensions

Overall length inc tow bar Overall roof length inc Roof Body length at floor level Overall body width Overall width inc gutters Overall height inc flues Height to ridge Weight
36x12 - 2Bed 11640mm 11380mm 11040mm 3718mm 3988mm 4028mm 3380mm 4960kg
36x12 - 3Bed 11640mm 11380mm 11040mm 3718mm 3988mm 4028mm 3380mm 4970kg

Exterior Cladding

Your Leisure Home, your way. Cladding colour choice is available at no extra cost, pick from a range of finishes to complement your taste, each has a matt effect finish with natural wood grain embossing.

Artefoam Wood Grain

Tawny Cladding Tawny
Sky Grey Cladding Sky Grey

Artefoam Standard Grain

Creme Cladding Creme
Beige Cladding Beige
Light Grey Cladding Light Grey
Claystone Cladding Claystone
Olive Cladding Olive
Grey Cladding Grey
Quartz Grey Cladding Quartz Grey
Quarry Grey Cladding Quarry Grey


Timberwolf Cladding Timberwolf
Sierra Cladding Sierra
Red Fox Cladding Red Fox
Cliffside Cladding Cliffside
Acadia Cladding Acadia
Mist Grey Cladding Mist Grey
Yellowstone Cladding Yellowstone
Sand Cladding Sand
Walnut Cladding Walnut
Granite Cladding Granite

Standard Specification

Inside of a fridge with food Integrated Fridge Freezer
Microwave Integrated Microwave
Oven, Hob and Extractor Oven, Hob & Extractor
Inside of a dishwasher machine Integrated Dishwasher
Gas Boiler Gas Boiler
Free-standing sofa Free-standing sofa's
Integrated Fire Place Integrated Fire Place
Dining Tables Free-standing dining table and chairs
Coffee Table Coffee table
USB charging point and socket Antique brass USB charging points and sockets through-out
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